How the Godly Man Pursues

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog!

Sadly, this will be my last blog post until end of December because I will be doing my final nursing preceptorship in labour and delivery, which I’m so pumped for! I have about 3 more months until I complete my 4 year Bachelors in nursing degree and I honestly cannot wait to be done and working.

On another note, I wanted to create a video which is sequential to my previously uploaded one titled Single, but not desperate. Here I am speaking on how to identify the pursuit of a kingdom man. If this man does not have these qualities & characteristics then watch out! You may not want to lead him on or invest in a relationship with him. Of course every relationship is different and unique and my opinions shared in this video are not absolute, but they are wisdom in my eyes and perhaps you may agree or not agree or stand in between with what I have to say. Also, for the men who stumble upon this video, do not fret! In a nutshell, if you have an active relationship with Christ then you will most likely fall well into the 3 categories I discuss in it. Now wipe that sweat off and enjoy the video 🙂

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Love you guys regardless ❤

Single, but not desperate!

Hey guys! welcome back to my blog! School is starting in under 24 hours and I’ll be entering my final semester of university which is downright exciting! For my last blog of the summer, I wanted to address the topic of singleness for those of you who are single and waiting for marriage.

It is ok to desire marriage. Marriage is a gift from God, but don’t lose sight of the many opportunities you have to grow in love, faith and joy during your singleness journey. Singleness is not a prison, it is a passport, a gift, a place of self discovery and fulfillment in Christ. I discuss more about this in the video down below!

I hope you enjoyed!

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