Welcome back to my blog: A life of learning!

I’ve been on hiatus transitioning from school to now working during the summer break  and I’m excited to announce that I am just 1 semester away from graduating from my nursing degree. I am also just a couple months away from my book’s release and I am so excited to see how life unfolds regarding this new chapter (no pun intended) of my life.


For those of you who aren’t aware of my co-authored upcoming book, it is called The Tri-Wisdom Effect: Achieve Success and True Happiness while Caring for Others. Written with single parents and caregivers in mind, The Tri Wisdom Effect helps to simplify life and helps lead people towards living more efficient and effective lives. Check out our book’s site here.

Today’s blog is called SAVERS and it is an acronym first stated by Hal Elrod in his book titled “The Miracle Morning”. My mother is a major book worm and she introduced this acronym to me during one of our conversations.

S: Silence Image result for SAVERS acronym

A: Affirmations

V: visualizations

E: Exercise

R: Reading

S:  Scribing

This acronym has been proven to be effective when starting out your morning. The destination of your day is very much shaped by how your morning goes so if you can conquer your morning then you can also conquer your day. Let’s talk about how these 6 habits can be implemented into your morning routine.

Silence: Spending time in the morning to meditate and be silent before noise sets in. This includes blocking out distractions like social media and the like in order to be calm, peaceful and pray. (give God the first fruit of your morning and you will be rewarded for it).

Affirmations: Words you speak out to yourself that empower you towards fulfilling your goals and purpose in life. These can be bible versus or self compliments or even just acknowledging your God given potentials. stating it and actually holding yourself accountable to its truth helps to generate that bit of positivity in your morning.


Creative Visualization
photo link

Visualization: Additional to affirming good things into your life, it is good to partake in the art of visualizing these things as well. For example, if you struggle with managing your anger, you can first affirm self control into your life then visualize yourself staying calm rather than reacting angrily in the face of temptation. Imagine how good it will feel to achieve your goals, cause you can DO IT!


Exercise: Get your blood and oxygen flowing to your brain. Doesn’t have to be a full on workout at the gym though. I personally like to wake up, have time with God, affirm/ visualize my future then go for a stroll around my neighborhood for a good 30 minutes. It is the most refreshing thing I swear! Get a good playlist to accompany you! I listen to elevation worships album called hallelujah here below and my favorite songs are worthy and faithful. Y&F 3 album is pretty dope too.

Reading: I did a video before where I touched on the power of reading. When you read you gain insight and knowledge from leaders who have accomplished the things you want to accomplish. It helps with expanding your understanding of different topics of interest. If you wanna learn about financial health and stability, learn about the people and their success in the field, grab an audio book if its easier. Reading can make you smart and wealthy.

journal writingScribing (scribble): Meaning to write, otherwise known as journaling. This is a great way to process thoughts and reflect on life. It helps you keep track of achievements and encourage you to be more self aware and progress further in life.




So guys, try this acronym out in your own mornings and see if it improves your lives! Thank you for reading my today’s blog! Feel free to comment down below your own thoughts about it! Like and subscribe to stay updated on future posts (ill try and be more frequent in my writings). Stay cool!




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