The POWER of Being Broke

I know… being broke SUCKS! It’s a real bummer knowing that you’re in a spot of having to live paycheck to paycheck and maybe even struggling to avoid living with more month left over than money. Its a pretty crappy feeling but it’s definitely not the end all be all of your finances. Being broke doesn’t have to be a lifestyle. In order to change your lifestyle you must first tackle your bad habits and limiting thought processes. Being broke is not an obstacle, rather, its an advantage.

Today I am going to write on the topic of being broke and how this state can propel you into a fruitful, financially successful position if you do the right things now.

Here’s a good analogy of mindsets being changed because of the pain of being broke. It’s the story of a couple who owned a cow and nothing else. They had this cow in their poverty so they relied heavily on its production of milk for meals, transporting goods and themselves on its back because there wasn’t money for other forms of transportation and working the small land they owned. The cow, in essence, had become almost like a god to the couple because it provided most of what they needed. A wise man was passing by with his disciple and saw the couple straining day after day with their cow, trying to survive with whatever the cow could help sustain them with. The wise man said to his disciple one evening that he should snatch the cow during the night and push it off a cliff. The disciple of course was appalled by the idea because it was a hurtful thing to do to the couple. The wise man insisted and the disciple followed through with the command. The following day as the couple was preparing to gather milk, to their horror they saw the empty shed where the cow had been placed the night before. Only the wise man and his disciple knew the reason for the cows disappearance, but they had already left for the next village by morn.

A few years later the wise man decided to travel back towards the village of the couples home. To his amazement he saw that their small little land had expanded to a size unrecognizable than before. He saw a modern touch and growth to their home. There was no sign of struggle for the couple anymore, for they now had riches and were very well off.

My question to you is this: Is your mindset or job or anything in your life serving as a safety haven for you? Could you be doing something more that requires you to be a little bit uncomfortable? Are you willing to let go of the cow in your life? 

You know that old saying “necessity is the mother of invention?” When you don’t have anything, it forces you to use whatever you’ve got, leading you to use resources in new, creative ways that others may not know.

This is the message being portrayed in the story. When you lose what you have whether its a cow or a job or a spouse you have been relying on or whatever the case, it forces you to think outside the box. It may not bring riches immediately but it does help you become flexible, more knowledgeable and able to fend for yourself in harder situations. It puts you on the road of discipline and independence which, if you will, could lead you to start learning new ways of generating income. THIS is the power of being broke.

Some things to keep in mind that can deeply help you in your financial situation include…

  • Chose your friends wisely – You form habits that are similar to your friends. What they do you do too! (More written on this in previous post – Moving ahead: 3 principles to getting your life straight before you’re 30)
  • Educate yourself – I’m not saying enroll yourself in university courses, what I mean is books. Learn what other successful people, who are where you want to be, have done. All it takes is a willingness to do this. There is a library of knowledge available to you for free! Now that I think about it, you’re very blessed because of this opportunity ❤
  • Why – Why do you want to leave behind your broke lifestyle? If you dont have a why then you will lose your motivation to move forward. Get in touch with the emotions that drive your incentive for making money. Emotions cause us to take action so fire yourself up on getting rich and financially stable. Get inspired, excited, see the limitless opportunities and get yourself out from being broke.
  • Delayed gratification – This is where real discipline comes in. Delay purchasing expensive or impulsive things now that are not taking you in the direction you want to go. once in a while treats, when budgeted for, are ok but living your life and spending money now without discipline or regards to your future will lead you to financial mishaps, debt and regrets. Trust me you will not live at the quality of life you would like for your family and self so develop a plan with discipline today. Like right now if possible!

There is so much more that I would like to talk about regarding this topic but I will stop here for today. Thank you for reading this weeks blog post. Comment your thoughts below and like the blog if this was helpful to you. Also check out my book trailer linked here. Website and FB page linked as well. Finally subscribe to my blog to stay up to date on new posts and more topics I hope to cover later on.

Hope you have a good one 🙂

Besos ❤






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