Ladies: Here Are 5 Things a Man Needs Before a Woman  

All content for this post is taken from Dr. Myles Monroe’s preaching of “the 5 characteristics of an ideal man”

Let’s just jump right into it!

A bible study was done where Adam, the first male human created, was the focus of the study. Why was Adam chosen as the center of this study? Simply because God created him with specific instructions to fulfill before later deciding that it was not good for Adam to be alone, resulting in the creation of Eve. God created Adam to have dominion over the earth, the seas and all walks of life. He wanted Adam to enjoy his time in Eden, the protective environment formed for him. Eden cannot be found on a map today, it was never an actual location, instead it represented an environment. Better yet, Eden was the presence of God. Before sin entered earth, Eden signified the union between God and Man, and it was a beautiful place to be.

  1. Therefore, first thing God gave man was his presence. So the first thing a man needs isn’t a woman, it is Eden, or the presence of God. A woman should meet a man in the presence of God.

TIP: Ladies don’t try and drag a man back to Eden, meet the man there! 🙂


    Genesis 2:15 God commanded Adam to work… Yes ladies God’s priorities are VERY CLEAR, he requires the man to work. Not only a job to provide for the family but also being aware of or moving towards a vision. Preferably he should be opting to fulfill his purpose on earth otherwise he can get confused very easily, following any path that leads him to anywhere. The best form of grounding himself would be in Eden and in the word, this way he can receive divine direction.

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    Genesis 2:16 God said to Adam that he should be the cultivator meaning he should bring out the best in everything around him, maximize its potential and produce fruit. He requires the man to fulfill his purpose in the world. The best example of a real man is Christ. Believe it or not, he has a wife as well. Christ is married to a beautiful diverse woman and her name is The Church. He tells men to do what he has done to his wife which is to Love their wife like he loves his own. Wash her with the word of God, raise her with encouragement, help her to be less insecure and enable her to reach her fullest potential as well. Then he is free to present her back to himself.

4. God commanded Adam to Guard the Garden. The male is designed to be the protector. He has not been given a stronger and larger frame to abuse the woman or family; he has been made that way to protect her and his family.

5. journal writingGenesis 2:17 The last thing God gave Adam was his word. God never spoke directly to the woman to inform her about the tree of good and evil. He never told her not to eat from its fruit but he did tell the man. Since the man received the word of God, his job was to teach it to his wife. It seems often in this day and age that the woman knows more word than the man. A man should know the word before meeting a woman.

Genesis 2:18 Then God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” The man God is referring to is a man who is in Eden, Working, Cultivating, Protecting and has the word, that man can now receive his Eve.

         If the man does not experience the presence of God, isn’t working, does not cultivate, refuses to protect and does not have the word, It is good for that man to be alone.

Thank you for joining me for this weeks blog post! Tell me in the comments down below whether this post resonated with you or was against your own beliefs. Feel free to comment your thoughts, ideas, like the post and subscribe for future entries. 🙂 Till then stay safe and blessed ❤



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