Moving Ahead: 3 Principles To Getting Your Life Straight Before You’re 30

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I’ve always wondered how people prospered at a young age and what principles they followed in order to reap success in their youth. It’s a topic I have to explore and apply into my own life as I build on my theme of learning, growing and prospering. Mind you there are more than 3 principles that I came across in my search of finding the secret to success before reaching 30, however, I have chosen 3 that I feel are the most applicable, enriching and that I feel can help to progress you as the reader.


First things first, I want to define what a principle is since I found a pretty cool definition of it stated by the late Dr. Myles Munroe (I’m gonna write it in my own words so it hopefully makes more sense). A principle is a natural law that must be followed in order to achieve optimal performance. There is a principle that must be followed in order for a plane, as many tonnes as it may weigh, to lift off and take flight into the sky. I learned this principle known as Bernoulli’s principle as a kid in science class and I thought it was pretty neat.

So, the law simply states that if the plane doesn’t abide to its rules, there would be no liftoff…like non at all. Traveling would not have been revolutionized and we’d all be back to riding boats over seas which may take weeks or even months depending on the destination. Potentially, over the course of our newfound love of sea sickness, we could knock an iceberg, sink and die a premature death, which isn’t in the least bit exciting (Im just trying to cover the possible risks OK!) Therefore, by designing planes to follow B’s natural principle, it helped to shorten distances, connect people and resources and provide for the most part, safer travels.

I like to think that fulfilling the principles laid out in life will help you become successful and achieve the prosperity you’ve been aiming for. Ultimately, the younger you start the more time you get to enjoy it.


*”The aerodynamic lift on the wing of an airplane is generally explained by the argument that the faster speed of the air along the top of the wing leads to reduced air pressure there and hence produces a lift”*

(Bernoulli’s Law)


Successful people recognize the impact of following principles. It can make all the difference moving from poverty to financial freedom, or from unfulfillment to fulfillment and sustenance. Rebellion to discipline (this ones for you younger adults) and more.


Writing Goals!


Goals goals goals! They help you organize your time and commitments. They are a guiding tool which help to position your desires and dreams into real targets that can be attained. When you have a goal, you know what to say yes to and what to say no to while your still a youth. Writing them down properly helps make them achievable as well. A lot of people forget to actually write down their goals which is detrimental. A research study followed a group of individuals to find out the effect of goal setting on their success in the future. It’s interesting to make note that only 3% had become successful and these 3% were the very ones who wrote down their goals. So get with the times people… stay writing. (not just woke)


Developing the right habits

A lot of what you do daily is a product of the habits you have formed. While goals are important in setting you up for success, habits are the practices that lead you to that success. breaking bad habits and replacing them with good ones encourages that shift you need to reaching where you want to go in your life. Most substantial habit changes are set as long term goals and can be attained within increments day by day. Daily goals allow us to act on the micro while focusing on the macro which is a change in habit to bring about the desired results you’re looking for. As an example, the goal of losing 50 lbs in a year can be done if you make changes to your lifestyle each day, forming the right habits of eating right and exercising and finally reaching the result of being 50 lbs lighter.


I recommend this book written by Stephen Covey: The 7 habits of highly effective people if you’re interested in going deeper into the impacts of establishing healthy habits. (the audio is freely available on YouTube! 🙂 )


Being with the right people 

You need to spend more time with people who will lift you up because, as Jim Rohn said, “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 2 criteria are necessary when choosing who you spend your precious time with and those are people who 1. share the same values as you and 2. increase your gravitas. Gravitas means that the person has greater intellect, experience or talent in an area you’re interested in developing yourself in. You want to be able to invest into these people and vice versa. These people are powerful enough to change and help determine your habits so seriously choose your friendships wisely.

That’s all for today’s blog post. Again this blog post is not limited to just the 3 principles I’ve touched on so feel free to comment down below some of your own thoughts and ideas on getting your life straight before you turn 30. If you haven’t done so already, like the post and subscribe to my blogging site so you can get notified of new posts 🙂

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