Mastermind: Understanding Your Worth & Value

First off hey-hey guys! It’s been a minute and I really hope you’re doing well! Some time spent away from writing makes me realize how much I truly love it. It’s honestly not a waste of time for me because I get to pour out my soul into tangible words which I later on look back on and remind myself of the lessons I’ve learned in life. By no means am I the best writer, but, I do know that if I’m going through some form of life lesson or crisis then someone else could possibly benefit by hearing about it too; more importantly how to overcome it. This is about eliminating the thought of going through life alone and growing as people who want to achieve influence, greatness and leave a legacy. In all I treat my blogs like journal entries, I no longer have multiple journals in my room (maybe just a couple now) I write a sum of my content on here and review them frequently especially when the topic is applicable to my life. One goal I have is to write more on financial literacy since its not taught enough in the school systems.

Now…onto the mastermind topic of understanding your worth and value. This topic is significant because a lot of people measure their worth and value using the wrong measurements. Im not just talking about materialistic items which we often think of as the common temptation of measuring ones worth and value (for example wearing brand clothing in order to appear ‘cool’ and hang out with a particular group). I’m talking about comparisons and identity crisis.

– Comparison –

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Comparison is basically looking at another and thinking about ways they’re better or worse in relation to yourself. It’s a a dangerous mindset to maintain if you consider the amount of time you waste pulling out hairs and attempting to compete with them. Comparing oneself to another may be said to be normal human nature and I agree to this. I think its normal to recognize another persons differences and thank God that he has a unique plan for you. However, if comparison becomes a habit that is negatively fed into, it will lead to numerous shortcomings. For example:


*Lowered self esteem

*Loss of time

*Turns focus to the wrong person

*Comparing your deficits to their successes

*Robs you of your own uniqueness

*Nothing to gain but much to lose

As I’ve written in other posts, the biggest changes you can make in your life start from a renewed mind. Be cautious of the things you allow yourself to meditate on. Instead of focusing on deficits, try to focus more on the gifts and talents that you do have and at the same time maintaining humility and thanking God for it since he’s the one that lent it to you for a time. instead of harboring those negative results stated in point form above, try to intentionally think about and study the following points more.

*Become aware of your own successes

*Pursue your own personal goals in life

*Self care & focus


*Be motivated and inspired from others if anything

*Positivity, appreciation and gratitude

*If you must compare then compare with yourself and become a better you

– Identity Crisis –

Who are you? A question of identity. No I dont mean your hobby, job or even ethnicity, I mean to ask WHO are you? what makes up your essence. This is such a deep question that it cannot be answered by simply stating that I am African-American. Well yeah I guess I am but I identify myself as a princess. Ok for those of you who thought of me as an ogre first, I am very disappointed in you stop watching Shrek today thanks. Just because I’m named Fiona does not mean I’m an ogre, besides I was born before the first movie came out! (I got teased as a kid so I just wanted to vent a bit). No no no I mean to say that I am a Princess because I am a child of God. So if God is a king then that makes me a princess.

Think about Malia and Sasha Obama, children to the previous President of the U.S.A. Now they were practically royalty getting to live in the white house, go to executive meetings with their father in their presidential plane (probably fun for them being kids at the time). Get great reputation as children of some pretty well cultured, prestigious and influential parents. They more likely than not walked their schools with tons of confidence simply because they are kids to the highly revered now ex president. Now imagine if you walked and knew which father you were children to. Imagine you understood your worth and value being fearfully and wonderfully made and accepted nothing less than that. You would never experience low self esteem and it is unlikely to have times where you lose yourself in drugs, promiscuity, violence, gangs and the like.

A great way to measure your identity is identifying what your purpose in life is which stems from what you are 100% committed to. If you do not have something you are fully committed to then you may not know your purpose and if you do not know your purpose then you cannot identify yourself and answer the question of who you are. If that question cannot be answered then you can be drawn to or already be a drug, sex, alcohol, addict and possibly be involved in violence and gangs. If you dont know who you are or where you are going, any path will take you there. Signs that you are experiencing an identity crisis include…

You change with your environment

Discomfort and uncertainty when being asked about self

Relationships dont run deep

Lack of trust in self potential and development

You are easily molded by relationships

You get bored easily

Instead think more along the lines of this…


I am the child of the most high God

I am uniquely made and destined for greatness

I am the head and not the tail

There may be sadness in the night, but Joy comes in the morning

No other person is like me in a population of almost 8 billion

Find commitment and purpose through doing something meaningful for others and self

Grow in meditation of the word of God and in your faith in him

Love yourself regardless of mistakes and where you may be now


Be intent on learning yourself, growing your gifts and prospering in your field of knowledge. Become a mastermind in understanding just how much you are worth and the value you not only bring to yourself but also the value you bring to others.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog post! subscribe for new posts and comment your thoughts about what you learned or found interesting this week. In the meantime stay blessed and have a great week ❤




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