Growing up with hope: Part 4

Hey guys, this is the final part to my 4 week series, taking content from my chapter within my book The Tri-Wisdom Effect. I am so glad to have gotten this out and written about my experiences growing up with hope. I hope these posts were meaningful and worthwhile to you guys as well, especially towards those of you who can relate or have similar experiences as me.


“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, It is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”


Hope and me:

I am much better off for having Hope in my life and I trust that he is better off for having me as his sister, even though I didn’t feel that way to begin with. By adopting the golden rule for my brother, I had to learn to shift my thinking from problem focused to understanding, accepting and solution seeking. I had to recognize that he is much more than just a mental illness, he is a guy with unique potential.

Hope needs extra holding of the hands, yes and like anyone else, a little shaping this and that way, but he is my brother and he is the best. I know there’s nothing I can do to change Hope’s diagnosis but I can help him to get to his optimum self by utilizing his strengths, interests and abilities for his own good. I’m glad to be in Hope’s life.


The main message I would like to convey to other youths is to never give up on your Hope. If you are like me and have a single mom along with a special needs family member or just simply have a single parent, always make sure you put in the time to help them out. This shows that you’re appreciative and acknowledge their sacrifices. They in turn won’t feel alone in their efforts to raise you. Because your parent(s) love you as much as my mom loves me, you will feel their support even if your special needs sibling constantly snatches their attention away.

Live life one day at a time and invest in those closest to you. I confided a lot in my mom and my life has been a wonderful one due to her love and support for me and my three brothers.

Develop meaningful relationships with other people outside the family too and never see hardships as things that have the power to destroy you. Hard times challenge you, mature you and make a better version of you.

Challenge yourself each day to grow, learn, prosper and continue to place your best foot forward. This is the theme I maintain in my blog where I continue to post more information about my life living with Hope and other assorted issues/experiences children and youths may go through.


Once again, Thanks so much for joining me on this series of hope and reading my blogs thus far. I am happy to say that next week I’ll be starting a new topic on ‘knowing when to let go’ of things like relationships and putting more of your time and energy on enhancing yourself, loving and living a healthy life. Get rid of toxicity, let it go, move forward with yourself and maintain control of your future! Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments section about next weeks topic and the series that just ended above.

Thank you and cash you out next week, Stay blessed ❤

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