Growing up with hope: Part 3

As promised, Here’s the 3rd snippet of my chapter!

Getting it right: My mom’s recipe for Hope’s Goals and Routines

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Team Hope is composed of my mom, four to five paid caregivers, my two brothers, a social worker and myself. Presently we are incorporating Hope’s strengths and skills into his care and helping him to develop into a functional member of society. He goes out to activities with the various caregivers who are each responsible for some part of his health and well being, thanks to my mom’s diligent planning.

Team Responsibilities:

One caregiver takes Hope to the gym, for sports, to cooking classes and the library. Another helps Hope to volunteer in the community by getting him to make hot chocolate and snacks for the homeless as well as to deliver packages for payment (who knew my brother could ever grow to have a job!). Another female caregiver helps Hope to get ready for the day and sometimes for the night when mom is away. This caregiver ensures good hygiene and grooming, bed making, cleaning up after himself and other activities of daily living. The fourth caregiver gets him to do fun activities like swimming, bowling, attending youth services, hockey games and the like.

My mom coordinates Hope’s care, plans for his present and future goals and all other things associated with his team. I help my mom with the physical care of Hope whenever I am home. My younger brothers also help as much as they can. Honestly, I don’t know how my mom manages without a second driver in the home. It’s an unbelievable mountain of work for her! Must be magic, or maybe just regular large consumption of tea and awkward dancing now and then that does it.

Nothing about Hope, without Hope

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As a team we include Hope in all care decisions regardless of his mostly muteness. He understands more than he lets on and mom insists he must be included in all decisions regarding his care. We strive to develop quality and effective Hope-centered care for the good of his overall growth and development. By doing this we help him to pursue his goals of self-esteem, self-awareness, communication and integration into society, recognizing that he’s a human being just like anyone else. Ultimately, we take into consideration Hope’s holistic health including the physical, social, spiritual, psychological and mental aspects of his life. I am amazed at what can be accomplished when inspired, like-minded people come together to achieve a goal!

This is where I will end for part 3 of my chapter’s snippet. I hope you liked and enjoyed it. The final part 4 will be posted next week, hopefully on Wednesday. Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts down below in the comment section and subscribe for future posts. God bless and see you next week!


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