Redeeming The Time {First podcast (^.^)}

I am in love with the versatility and options I have discovered through my blogging journey and I am more than excited to present my first ever podcast. Today, with the help of my special guest, I will be sharing ways to redeem your time. I hope you enjoy it (getting it converted, transferred and read was challenging and its not perfect but I’m hella proud of it! :D). Because I do not have a self hosted blog site yet, I cant upload the podcast straight from my computer files, instead I have to settle with planting the url code HERE(to download episode, right click and save). Otherwise as we progress through the learning curves, as the theme of this blog site goes, Ill probably improve with the presentation and content of my blog.

Let me know in the comments section if there is anything you would critique, add or subtract, and your own thoughts and opinions about redeeming your time. Also let me know if you like podcasting or prefer reading in a more journal like form. If you haven’t subscribed yet please feel free to do so and stay updated for future blog posts.

Guess what…Next week I’m thinking $$$ money!! I will be discussing ways to increase your financial IQ and prioritize investing your money other than saving/spending it carelessly on unnecessary things. See you in next weeks blog!


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