To the Internet Village, I say hi!

Napoleon Hill was wrong! One cannot simply think and grow rich, you have to act on it too! If you wanna be rich, or do anything worthwhile for that matter, then go for it wholeheartedly and get it done. That being said I am so excited to bring to you My FIRST post for my FIRST blog. I am a 3rd year nursing student, entrepreneur, investor, aspiring singer, aspiring motivational speaker and leader in Christianity and aspiring author. If your wondering about all of the aspiring’s well relax a little bit, a girl can dream right? I also taught myself to play some songs on the keyboard (yeah just thought i’d throw that in there cause presently i’m not seeing a place where I plan to say it in my future posts so… yeah).

I plan to be my most authentic self and bring to you some of my own experiences, wisdom and knowledge. I learned at a very young age that life isn’t always fair and sometimes it can throw at us some painful realities that really crap up our day. This being said, my vision is to post uplifting, meaningful and interesting sources of information/stories with a touch of humor here and there in the effort to place a smile over someone’s face.

In life, we dip our finger into an ocean of ideas, skills and lessons, all of which may one day be thrown at us before we’re ready. We must equip ourselves to be prepared for all of life’s lessons and moldings. I titled this blog after what I value and believe in which is lifelong learning, growing and prospering. I want that to be the theme that’s carried through every post I make and hey, I know that we can get through life’s hurdles if we work as a team.

Have you ever had a rough break up? Or felt you weren’t in control of your time? With this blog I will highlight ways to conquer the emotions of a bad break up; Skills in mastering test taking and the stresses of school; How to keep positive mind during difficult situations; Secrets to never feeling rejected again and redeeming your time so you can make the most out of your life in just a few steps. Ill touch on other exciting material as well and even ask you for some recommendations for topics. I’ll be running all of this by you from the perspective of a millennial; I believe there’s a need for this in today’s day and age.

I want to hear your opinions too so commenting on posts that touch, resonate with you or teach you something worthwhile is encouraged, but no profanity thank you. It’s such a blessing and privilege to have started and I will be posting new things every Wednesday. If you would like to receive updates for new content, feel free to enter your email on the right. Ill try and answer all questions in due time. My first topic for next week will be on fundamental steps to help you get over a really tough break up! With all being said, I can’t wait to see you over in my next blog post!


3 thoughts on “To the Internet Village, I say hi!

    • Im using WordPress and its really easy to navigate through. I will upgrade to a self hosted server later on like you have once I feel comfortable with how my blogs are going. I think its fast because i am using WordPress as my server and they are very reliable!


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